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Fatshionologie: Lazy Sunday

Fatshionologie is a blogger style challenge born out of a discussion on twitter, in the hope that it would help us create exciting new content for our blogs as well as show that each new style (theme) could be rocked by a variety of body shapes and sizes.
This month's theme was Lazy Sunday.

Where possible, I try to do as little as possible on a Sunday if I can.  The end of the weekend is about completely chilling out, spending time with my partner or family and doing a spot of baking!
I generally try not to get changed out of my tartan pajama bottoms and black top if I can help it and I certainly don't put any make-up on.  Occasionally I might muster up the effort to hit the shower if I notice myself getting a little pongy, but short of that I live a trampy existence on Sunday and consume shed loads of roast veg and freshly baked cupcakes.

My pajamas are now on the tatty side, so with the colder nights starting to make an intrusion into my duvet life it's time to start thinking about some cosy replacements.  I was perusing the web for some additions recently and these are my top four (on budget, style and quality).

In the darker season I tend to opt for long length pajamas for warmth, especially if I'm popping them on a couple hours before duvet diving into bed.  I love the print on the Simply Be pajamas, it just resonates Christmassy feelings for me, and the cut of the top looks like it would move well - perfect for when I'm thrashing around trying to get comfortable in bed.
And how cute are those neon polar bear bottoms from Asda?  They're a fleece material too! For £6 you can't really go wrong, I'd team this with a simple camisole top to balance out the extra warmth of the bottoms.

What's your Sunday routines?  Do you slob out like me or do you get out?

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