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100: Reaching A Goal

This is my 100th post on CMK and I could not think of anything more fitting then to share my graduation with you all in this centurion post!
If you've ever been to a graduation, you'll know it's a long affair and essentially you sit around for a long time waiting for someone's ten seconds on the stage to get their scroll (which, coincidentally, is actually just a piece of paper commemorating your attendance on the day... ironic). As I'd never been to one, neither as an attendee or graduate, I had to rely on snippets I'd seen in Hollywood movies or television programmes - you know the one, where everyone has a cheeseboard hat and then they all throw it in the air, smiling and laughing in their joy - so I was very much going with the flow on the night.
I arrived to pick up my gowns and hat, adjusting my course appropriate ribbons and trying to bat off the woman who was insistent on brushing my fringe underneath my cap, then moved onto lots of smiling and camera poses.  The first couple of hours seemed to rush by whilst everyone mingled with food, cameras and the mom in the corner crying her eyes out with pride 'My Joey has grown up... and... I'm... so... proud... of... hiiiiiiiim'

I'd picked out a dress for this occasion weeks ago, my first bodycon from Simply Be. I first saw this at the Blogger Takeover event I'd been invited to a few months ago and had fallen in love with the Aztec feel print coupled with the black silhouette.  Furthermore, I knew this dress would be long enough for me having already measured it up against my elongated body!
The dress was reduced to £20 in the sale, so I snapped this baby up before they sold out.  I sized up, mainly because I wanted to have a little bit of give in the dress as I wasn't quite as confident to wear a dress really fitted to my curves as some of my other bodalicious blogger babes.
Knowing I'd have the fussy academic dress to wear, I opted to for minimal accessories and comfortable heels that still looked good but didn't make me look like the BFG when I got on stage with the 5'4 news reader from the BBC handing out the awards!
Apologies for not giving you a full length shot, it was such a busy night that I forgot to take some! But this was such a great dress that I'll be wearing it again, so stay tuned for another post.
I wasn't overly bothered about my graduation to be honest, I hate having all eyes on me and being centre of attention, but it was nice to be commemorated on the night for my distinction HND.  Working full time and completing a HND in 2 years (equivalent to the same amount of time as a full time university student) has been tough, but with the support of my tutors, fellow students, colleagues and family I've managed to battle through to be able to put these three letters on my CV.  My next steps are to complete my top up next year to gain my full degree, but for now I'm enjoying being able to write something on my laptop without a word count or having a lie in on a Saturday without worrying about time management.

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