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Plus North: On The Catwalk

As part of my experience at Plus North, I'd been lucky enough to be asked by brand Scarlett and Jo (exclusive to Evans) to strut down the catwalk in one of the items in their forthcoming collection.  Of course, I was ridiculously flattered and I found myself typing a reply back along the lines of 'OMG! Yes please!'
I absolutely love the brand, they're my go-to for an outfit where I either need to dress to impress at work or glam it up for a night time event.  The materials, sizing, quality and design never fail to impress me so I was beyond excited that I would be able to get a sneak peek at the forthcoming lines.
As part of the catwalk we would all get our hair and make up done in a 1940's style whilst the entertainment happened - the gorgeous Rosie O'Sullivan, who I had a natter with  whilst my eyeliner was being painted on (lovely, lovely girl!)

We all met with Angela, the designer, and discussed the range, what we were wearing that night and her visions for the brand going forward.  It was fantastic how she was so open to critique and suggestions, everything was taken on board and I do genuinely believe that she cares about what we want from a brand.  She explained to us that the brand name, Scarlett and Jo, was about feeling professional and powerful in the day (Jo) but then feeling super sexy in the evening (Scarlett), which I thought was a really powerful image for the brand.
Whilst my hair was setting in the huge power rollers I managed to get chatting with some other bloggers I hadn't met before - the goregous Kathyrn, Sian and Megan.  We chatted about life, the event and, ofcourse, clothes over a glass of bubbly and some delicious humous.  I loved how we all felt comfortable enough to just open conversation whilst half dressed and void of make-up!

Emma and I doing our best vintage actress poses

The time to catwalk was nearing, three glasses of champagne hadn't done much to calm my nerves and I was petrified I was going to face plant the catwalk in front of lots of people on an elevated stage.  People with cameras.
We were led to the dark corridor we would exit from, last minute make-up touches were made, the music started.  Adrenaline started coursing through my veins and....

I did it! And my god what an amazing experience it was!

Blogging has brought me some fantastic opportunities, and I forever grateful for them, this experience has been truly wonderful and I feel so empowered going forward both in mind and body.  Somebody thought I was beautiful enough to model their clothes and walk in front of a room full of their customer base, I should start believing in myself more.
We'd had tickets for the after party but I was so tired from travelling and the day event that when I went back to my hotel room to change I ended up flopping onto my bed and not moving.  My end to that amazing night was a pot of Ben and Jerrys, a shower and X Factor in bed with my best friend.

I can't begin to thank Scarlett and Jo enough for such an amazing experience, and for the Plus North team for putting me forward to them and hosting the event.  I had such a fantastic time and it's an experience I will treasure forever.

If you want to check out some more pictures of the event, check the fabulous Betty Pamper's page!

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