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Plus North (Day)

You may have some a little buzz flying around the twittersphere an blogosphere the last few weeks about an upcoming event in Manchester called Plus North. The event, organised by the ever so fabulous duo Becky and Toni, would see bloggers, brands and general plus size fashion lovers join up for the day to mingle together.

I've been lucky enough to be invited to some events before, but they've always been small scale and with a handful of fellow bloggers, so this was my first event that encompassed a large proportion of the plus size online community.  I was super looking forward to this event, albeit a little nervous, and had prepped for weeks on what I was going to wear and what stalls I was going to hit first.
My best friend, Amy, came along with me for the ride and to provide some friendly support for what would come later that evening...

As the day was split into two halves, day event and the afterparty, I decided to have two outfits for the day.  In the day time, I opted for a simple black skater dress from Dorothy Perkins and my chiffon kimono from Tesco Clothing.  Teamed with my new statement necklace (an absolute bargain at £3 from Tesco!) and my trusty satchel, I felt comfortable but still a little stylish - good job considering I was surrounded by some fiercely fashionable ladies!

Unfortunately, I was having far too good a time on Saturday to take pictures! Woops!
I can't begin to tell you how much of a great time I had, I love being around other body confident buxom beauties and there's definitely a different kind of atmosphere when us fatties are in town - everyone can feel free and easy.  I made great new friends and reinforced some old ones with a few amazing ladies.
There were various brands there (such as Simply Be, Curvissa, Bon Prix, Lovedrobe, SLINK magazine) toting their wares, thrashing out competitions and challenges, giving away freebies - I think I've even enough pic'a'mix sweets for a month - who were more than happy to chat with us on fashion, being fat and chocolate cake.  I also finally got to meet my amazing editor at Curvaceous magazine, Hanna, where we had a mini chin wag before she shot off back to the Midands for another engagement.
There was also an AMAZING photo booth located in the event where we could take some props in for silly photos. Of course we had to pop in and put our silly face on!

The gorgeous ladies who were brave enough to walk down a catwalk in front of a room full of brands and fellow fatties,some of them more than once, you were beautiful and inspiring! You don't know how much courage you gave me to tackle my own catwalk later that day (more on that at another time).

A big, mahoosive thank you to Toni and Becky for organising the event - you should be super proud of yourselves ladies.

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!

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