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Thrifty Gifting - 'You've Been Framed'

Do you have that couple that are hard to buy for? They have everything they want or need, and you've ran out of ideas for silly gifts or are just bored with giving them vouchers again.
This is my parents, love 'em to death.... hate buying for them.
With money tight at the moment (combination of a packed out calendar, Summer sale spends and household bills) I needed to get a gift for their anniversary that was inexpensive but appropriate.  Now, I could have just gone and spend a tenner on some flowers and a nice card, but my parents have done so much for me that I wanted to get them something that had sentimental value to it and was something thought out.  My mom's always been the sort who values cards over gifts because of their meaning, so I wanted to make sure that I added the same process to a gift.
My dad was joking around about their wedding day a few weeks ago and mentioned that their 'wedding song' wasn't the one they had chosen as he had accidentally asked the DJ to play the wrong song (woops!). This gave me inspiration, why not give them their song?
I hopped onto Amazon to see if I could get the vinyl single of their song and found it at a bargainus £2! Brilliant.  But I couldn't give it to them in a plastic envelope, so I framed it, and here's how I did it...

You'll need:
- A CD/Vinyl disk of relevance
- A frame (mine was from Ikea, £7)
- A4 White card
- Glue
- Pencil and Rubber

Step 1: Measure the insure of your exposed frame (the middle bit), is it bigger than an A4 piece of paper? If yes, you're going to need to make sure you have enough card to back your CD onto that will cover the back.  Take 2 pieces of card, glue along the edge of one piece and stick together by overlapping the edges.  Repeat if more are needed.
Step 2: Take your frame's border and place it over the dried card, measure to ensure you have enough space.  If yes, take a pencil and lightly draw against the edges of the frame on the card.  This will show you where you will stick the disk later. You may want to shift the card around to make sure your card edges don't cause any unseemly lines or that you can cover them up with the disk later.

Step 3: Figure out where you're going to put the disk.  I've opted for an overlap as it covered the card edges and also the bar-code of my vinyl sleeve.  I'd suggest making a few marks in pencil lightly to guide you when you've decided where you're going to stick them.

Step 4: Take the vinyl sleeve and glue the back of it, making diagonal lines whilst leaving a centimetre from the edges.  This makes sure you have no glue overspill later.  When you've done that, lightly lower it into place on the card and press down gently. Leave to dry.
Step 5: Take the vinyl disk (or CD) and stick you pencil through the middle, this means you can hold the disk without getting icky glue on your fingers.  Then, glue a wobbly line around the vinyl on the black part and the middle part.  Again, lightly lower it into place on the card and press down gently. Leave to dry.

Step 6: Cut all excess card away so you can get it into the frame.  Then pop in your frame and leave lying face down for a while.

Wa-la! A beautifully framed disk for your loved ones at little cost to yourself.  I love this gift as it's so thoughtful and can mean a lot to someone, it's also a lovely discussion piece for any of their house guests.  It's also a thrifty gift for those of you watching the pennies and can cost you less than £10, when it's retailing online for something similar at £29.99.  You could funk it up and experiment with colours, or you could add in a message in the frame if you want to leave a message for your loved one - I chose to keep mine simple.
What do you think? Do you have pocket friendly gift ideas?

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