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MUA Review

The brand MUA has been doing the rounds on beauty blogs recently, and being a lady who enjoys a good mix of make ups in her top draw I thought I'd delve in and grab some bits myself to review.  As the brand has products starting from as little as £1 it wasn't going to be something that broke the bank, so I spent a grand total of £2 on two of their basic lines - a simple black eyeliner and pink lipstick.  It may not seem the most adventurous of reviews, but from my perspective this was something I used daily with MUA's competitors so I wanted to see how this cheap as chips brand matched up in the big bad industry.

So, this is my basic work place look - slightly smoky eyes, blemish free face and a pink lip - at 8:30AM.  The quality of the make up seemed to be great when I put it on, it smelt gorgeous and was pretty vivid on it's first coat. Great start!

This is my eyes at lunch, 12PM, starting to run slightly but still keeping up a good eye.  My lips still have their original application on it and have survived envelope licking, biscuit munching and tea drinking.  Still looking good!

Finally, this is my face at home time, 5PM.  As you can see the eyes have started to get a definite smudge and the lips have now lost their pink tint.  I'd deliberately not reapplied any make up throughout the day as I wanted to see just how long it would last - in normal circumstance I would have popped into the bathroom at work at lunch and done a touch up, so to be fair it's unrealistic to criticise MUA on this as I have to do so with any other brand.

I'm so impressed with this brand, it has great durability and quality for money.  I love that anyone can afford the brand and you don't have to break the bank to pick up a couple of products, it's also super for young girls beginning their make up bags. I love that the lipsticks have a little pot at the bottom with an emergency supply of lipstick in case you've completely run out, I'm rubbish at remembering shade names so this would be a great colour match swab for my restock trips. I'll be grabbing more products not only for myself but also to build up a mini make up hamper for a friends at Christmas.
I love this brand! Keep up the great work Mua!

Check out the brand at Superdrug or online at MUA.

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