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If you keep your ear to the blogosphere ground, you may have heard mention on the new brand in town - Junarose.  A couple of bloggers have been absoloutley raving about the gorgeous pieces available online to us larger ladies, providing on style, chic clothing up to a size 26.  The brand has also reached out to some of our favourite bloggers to become brand ambassadors (check out Becky's post here to find out more).
The collection is a little limited at the moment, still in it's infancy stages, but judging by some of the pieces they currently have in sale they have huge potential.  For me personally, this brand is something I would turn to for a smart occassion - big meetings, interviews, formal functions - because it has that air of sophisticated chic about it.
Here are a few of my favourites from the current collection:

As I'm on a spending ban until Plus North (just over a week to go now! Eek!) I'm not going to be cracking out the debit card and dropping some money bombs just yet, but I certainly have my eye on a few items for when I have surplus cash in the bank. Also, as this is such a new brand, I want to see what my blogger babes think of the fit and quality in their reviews before I go ahead and click 'buy'.  I find more and more that I turn to twitter and reviews for recommendations on brands before buying now to make a more informed decision, after all who better to ask then the person who already has the dress?

You can find Junarose online here or you can find some select pieces online over at one of my favourite brands, Asos Curve.

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