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Fatshionologie: Travelling

This month's theme for Fatshionologie is travelling, what do you wear when you're riding the subway or hopping onto a bus to somewhere fabulous?  As we're (supposedly) in our English summer months, I thought I'd show you what I wear typically when I'm travelling for a day trip or weekend away when the heat is on.
When it's scorching outside it's also going to be stuffy when cooped up on a train carraige for a couple of hours, so I like to wear something that's both comfortable to travel in but also floaty enough to pick up any breeze that's floating around.  Something like this outfit below, a floaty skirt with a cut up the side to allow it to move both with me when I'm pounding the platforms and when the wind graces up with a gorgeous summer breeze.

I simply put this with a black vest top, tucked in, with basic jewellery so I don't have to worry about rearranging myself every time I get up.  I think the print on this gorgeous skirt does all the talking, so teaming it with a simply gold rope tier necklace (past season Evans) brings out the golds in the bottom half and binds it together - whilst also making me feel still a little stylish on my journey.
For shoes, I typically go for either well fitted sandals or ballet pumps as they tend to be the most comfortable for walking.  In this instance I'm wearing my trusty Joanna Hope sandals, which are well worn in from my overuse of them... I've worn them constantly this summer! They're just beautiful!
When it comes to bags I have to make a judgement on the type of trip I'm going on when pondering my handbag shelf in the wardrobe. If I'm depositing a larger bag elsewhere (i.e. a suitcase at the airport) or going on a day trip, I'll stick to a satchel or shoulder bag.  I don't fancy carrying around a clutch with me for a whole day, sweaty hands and all.  I always keep a shawl or light weight cardigan in the handbag too for when the temperature cools.

So that's my summer travel look! I saw this skirt on Dani and I knew I had to have it, other bloggers inspiring me... or, wait, aren't we all just self indulgent and purely after free items? Hmm.

Check out the other ladies this month for their advice on travel outfits.

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