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Alfie Boe

If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably seen this cheeky little Yorkshire Terrier before, this is my beloved Alfie Boe.  He's the cheekiest little tyke going and knows just how to get what he wants, whether it's tipping over his metal bowl and barking at you for more food or turning on the puppy dogs eyes to tempt you into giving him one of your pringles.
I'm not the sort who likes handbag dogs, I hate seeing little chihuahuas in some California blonde's Prada, so Alf has been encouraged by the family from the beginning to be a dog... as it should be.  However, he has been known to sneak into a slipper and fall asleep.
Partial to a good neck scratch, he loves nothing more than running around the garden and then coming in for a sleep on his favourite spot - your chest.  Kid you not, this yorkie likes the boobies.
He's a bit of a diva dog too, he whimpers if you don't blow dry his fur after a bath and will take on any dog who dare goes within two steps of his food.  He also demands attention, at this moment he's trying to get my attention because I'm concentrating on my laptop - how dare I show it more love?!

So what's the point of this declaration of love on my blog? Well, it's a shameless plug I'm afraid.
Alfie's been entered into the Buy A Gift Next Pet Model Competition, which gives him the chance to be the face of dog accessories and experiences.  But I need your votes, I need you to click this link and head on over to Facebook to vote for this mite.

Alfie was the last of the litter, no one wanted him because he had a jaw defect and he was much smaller than his brothers and sisters.  He was un-aesthetically pleasing and prospective owners judged him on his looks rather than taking the ten minutes it took us to fall in love with his personality.  Sound familiar?

Thank you so much for your support.

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