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This weekend we decided to do a spot of fruit and vegetable shopping at my local farmer's market instead of buying in from the supermarket.  Firstly, it's cheaper and secondly, it's much tastier to buy home grown organic rather than the chemically infused Spanish strawberries on the supermarket shelves.  It's also a way to keep me excited about healthy eating, something which I'm trying to keep on top of and boost my nutrition.  So, off we popped to the market and picked up a basket to buy some deliciousness...

We only picked a few bits as we wanted to just try it out, but so far we're impressed with the taste difference in our food.  Those strawberries?  £1 a punnet and I demolished them in an hour.  Seriously delicious.
It also cost half the price of a punnet from the supermarket, so it's also cost effective and much more economical for us to shop there.  Since enrolling onto my business degree, I've become so much more aware of smaller businesses and the fierce competition they have to hoard off with bigger brands, so if we choose to shop here then we're contributing to their success too.
I'd love to be able to grow my own vegetables, but I don't have a garden so that kind of blows that one out of the water! Maybe I'll buy some little herbs for my window sill instead.

It was so ridiculously hot in the Midlands this weekend that I just jumped in a cold shower, threw on a maxi dress and forgot the makeup.  No one wants a foundation and mascara smudge running down their face!
This cotton maxi is from Evans and it's so light and cool... perfect for this heat.

Have you considered shopping at your local produce market?  Click here to find out where your local one is!

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