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Plus Size Feet

One of the things I can asked advice on a lot as a taller blogger is bigger shoe sizes and how to still get something that looks on trend at a reasonable cost.  Usually, you either compromise your quality for a lower price or pay higher prices to ensure your shoe doesn't fall apart after going out twice in them.
I know women who prefer to wear men's shoes for simplicity, if that's something you like and are keen with the trend then great! Why not go for an androgynous look? You sexy chic thing you...
But if you're picking them up because you feel that there's no other option, then stop! You don't have to drop half a ton on some new shoes to get pretty feet, there are online retailers that are starting to expand their lines and give us larger footed ladies more choice.

Curvissa have recently been advertising these leather bead sandals on their TV ad, and I was lucky enough to be sent a pair by the team to review.  This particular sandal sizes up to a size 10 online and comes in three colours; teal, white and black.

The shoes are super comfy, I actually wore these all day walking around London in the heat wave we had at the weekend and not once did they rub or catch my feet.  I sometimes find that sandals like this can feel insecure on your feet, but as long as you put them on properly (yes, I know it sounds silly, but trust me - don't just slide them on, really wiggle into them!) then you're fine for the day!
I love the colour of these sandals, they're a really bold teal and the beads are a really shiny silver (not just brushed silver).  You can tell these are really well made, I'm a heavy stepper and they've kept up so far with me without any kind of wear and tear shown yet.  They're a summer essential and will definitely be making a reappearance throughout the good weather!

Apologies for the icky feet, I will never ever be a foot model!

I'd teamed them with my new gorgeous Real Teal (ABB) and wore them all day whilst we were in London for the weekend.  I'd originally planned to wear them with a maxi dress but the weather picked up massively in the South and I needed to have something practical on for the day and wouldn't be too heavy in the heat.
I have grand plans for these shoes and bag with a maxi dress of mine, so you'll more than likely see a reappearance on the blog of these babies.
As I said, the shoes were super comfy, great quality and bold in colour.  I'm eyeing up the ones in white for a few other beer garden outfits, I love a white sandal!

Check out Curvissa today for all your plus size foot needs!

Thank you to Curvissa.

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