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Pimms O'Clock

Yesterday the boy and I made the most out of the beautiful weather in the Midlands and hit the town of Warwick.  The town has it's usual shops, but being a town steeped in medieval history it also has it's beautiful architecture and quaint tea rooms (which we made the most of).  We essentially spent the afternoon walking around and taking in the beautiful scenery, stopping for a Pimms on the market green, but I thought I would just share some pictures of my outfit the day.

I've been into Tesco's little summer pieces this season, they do some cute little day dresses that are light and easy to wear for such a reasonable price.  I picked up this navy stripe dress for a bargainus £12 and just teamed it with some cropped leggings - I didn't fancy any chub rub with the heat!  It was perfect for our afternoon out as it was comfy, cool and I still felt a little stylish with it.  Oh and look, another outfit that goes with my scarlet satchel... what doesn't?! 
Sometimes it's nice just to have an easy afternoon, throwing a tenner in the petrol tank and exploring your surroundings.  The day was nothing special, but it beats staying in all day and barely talking to each other whilst one plays on the Xbox and another is on the laptop writing assignments.
Have you had any mini adventures lately?

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