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French Maid

AX Paris
is a brand that I've often admired from afar, but I've either never had the cash to invest in one of their beautiful dresses or I've just not had an occasion to buy for to justify the beauty of the dress.  As my 25th birthday is looming (September! Eek!) I wanted a fierce party dress for the night, so I wanted to treat myself and splurge on a little number from the collection.
I already knew exactly what I wanted, after seeing it on Laura's blog, I wanted the Kick Out Lace Dress - RRP £50.  It was sleek, sexy and had a tutu underskirt... a tutu underskirt! Yes!

So, I ordered it and spent my pennies on this wondrous dress and waited patiently until I could jump the postman who had my delicious package.  It came, it was beautiful, it was everything I ever hoped for... it was too short.

Now, I know that I have a tall frame at 5'11 but what models are AX Paris using at their HQ? Have they stolen some interns from Wonka's Chocolate Factory?
I was gutted.  I loved this dress, now I felt like a French maid with it on...I felt cheap from being ridiculously overexposed.  I had enough of a problem preventing men from trying to grab my chest when I'm out on the town (seriously guys, just because they're large does not make them public property) without advertising my toosh for one and all to have a grope! Ha Ha!
This was such a shame for me, I absolutely loved this dress but it just was not designed with the taller girl in mind - like so many other dresses I'd come across.  There's a big gap in the plus size market for taller girls.

I had to size up to get my bust in this dress, so if this is something that you're looking into then I'd seriously suggest it if you have ample bosoms like me.  The dress itself is beautiful, I can't fault the quality of the fabric or the make of the dress, you really get what you pay for.  It's a shame this dress is so short, if it hadn't have been sitting just below my knicker line (!) and dropped to above the knee then it would have been a keeper.
I'm not discounting the brand for one dress, this is my only experience and, hey, maybe I just picked the wrong dress.  Just because this dress is teeny doesn't mean others are, right? Right?!
Keeping my fingers crossed and ordering dress number 2...

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