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Ethnic Prints and Michael Buble

Last Friday, James and I hit London town for a 2 day break away from life and to indulge in some crooning. I'd managed to get tickets to the Michael Buble concert on 02 Priority last year, so we headed to the dome for a night of smooth crooning and ice cold champagne.
Curvissa contacted me a couple of weeks back to ask if I would like to review something from their new 'City Break' promo, so of course I jumped at the opportunity and my package was on it's way. One of the items I chose was the Ethnic Print Dress.  I loved the print and vibrant colours on the dress, and I thought it would chic yet super comfy for the concert.

I wore the dress with a leather jacket and some suede black wedges, putting it with a simple statement necklace that picked out the red in the dress (which James said made me look like Mugabe with my blood diamonds!).  As it was warming up on the Friday for a scorching weekend, it was nice to have something light on and that didn't necessarily stick to my skin.
I adore the colours of the dress, it's got an African vibe to it and worked really well on my olive skin.  It's an effortless print that lends itself to a simple outfit for lunch to something that can be rocked up for a night out.
It's also a dress that's a perfect length for me, being 5'11 I find it ridiculously hard to get dresses at the right lengths sometimes - but this one is perfect.  It sits just on my knee and flashes my pins!  If you're a tall girl looking for a tea dress then this is perfect, I'd say if you were shorter than 5'9 then I'd consider where you want your dress to sit on you before you buy.

My only dislike?  Shape.  I think you have to wear this with something that gives the dress a bit of structure to define your body shape, I found it worked when I put on my jacket but made me look a little like a potato on it's own.  But then, that may just be my shape to be honest.
At £42 it may seem a bit pricey, but you pay for what you get - the quality of the fabric is akin to other brands that price point at this level, so I'd imagine this will be in my wardrobe for some time to come.
Check out the gorgeous lines at Curvissa today!

Thank you to Curvissa.

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