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Last weekend, I was invited to the Dea London event and (as I was already there) I decided to show my face for a couple of hours and check out what the brand had on offer.  Now, before this event I'd never heard of the brand before and only through research did I find out that the brand was a high end work wear line.  The event would essentially show us the products whilst having the opportunity to converse with the brand.

With prices starting at a whopping £140 you may need to work out a timeshare with a friend to buy one, but the quality is undoubted.  The designer is a tailor by trade, her work quality is apparent and the stitching on the garments is beautiful.  The winter season line has some textured dresses and jackets, similar to that of Simply Be's lines next season, with a theme of dark colours - charcoal, grey, black, chocolate brown.
Whilst the quality is astonishing, the price point is far too high for me and there's an obvious lack of colour.  The designer has obviously gone for traditional work wear colours whilst trying to be contemporary with the style (and there are some beautiful silhouettes) but it's just not something I would wear.

Talking to the other bloggers at the event, everyone agreed that they would not spend the amount of money they were asking for - not because of the product, but simply because it's not the kind of money we have to drop on a dress for work! I could go to Paris for the price of a pencil dress!
Being a high end brand, I was expecting a glamorous location, fizzy wine and some strawberries - instead they opted for Dalston, water and bananas.  Ok...  Maybe I need to lower my expectations slightly, divalicious.  It was also ridiculously hot on Saturday and the event was on a rooftop for 4 hours, so we weren't in the best of moods towards the end.  The event had the most bizarre moments too, like a zumba demonstration and a belly dancer! Some of the lads got a bit hot under the collar...
We all went away with third degree burns, despite the water and sun cream on offer. Afterwards we dashed to Nandos for huge glasses of ice to rub all over our bodies... literally!

All in all, it was great to be invited to the event and mingle with the brand, but ultimately this is not something I will be pursuing any further.  I have rent to pay!
It's quite obvious that the designer puts a lot of time and love into her range, and I love her ethic on the absurdity of conforming to sizes.  Jelena took time to interact with us and ask our opinions, truly listening and taking it in.  It was lovely to meet with some blogger babes and network with the brand, but unfortunately this is just way past my price range.
If you want to invest in a piece from the line, please do - the designer has said she will make bespoke pieces to the customer's measurements to ensure it's tailored to perfection.  

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