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What A Load of Crêpe!

Last weekend my friend and I headed to the Pear Tree Crêperie in Lichfield for a girly goss, some wine and some good food.  We'd managed to get a deal on Groupon for our meal, so we took advantage and went.
Now, I've never been to a crêperie before (although I have had crêpes, to this day the little stand outside the Louvre in Paris that sells chocolate buttons and nutella crêpes has not been beaten by anything) so I wasn't sure what to expect.  As it generally takes around 4 pancakes to fill me up, I was concerned that the meal wasn't going to hit the hunger on the head.  With that in mind, we ordered a starter also, hoping that the three smaller meals would satisfy our hunger.... how wrong we were!

We started with the french onion soup, which was delicious.

Then I had the mushroom stroganoff galêtte (savoury pancake) with a side salad, with home made vinaigrette dressing.  Now, this looks like nothing, but trust me by the time I had finished the plate I was verging on being full for the night.
The pancake was lightly toasted and almost tasted like a savoury pastry, similar to that of a pie crust.  The inside, woah.  It. Was. To. Die. For.  Sooo creamy and rich, it was packed with flavour and was just heaven when it went inside my mouth.  I can't begin to tell you how delicious this was!

And for dessert, I ordered the 'Banana Tree'.  This was a sweet crêpe with bananas that were infused in a light lemon dressing, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce inside it, then cream and more chocolate sauce over the top of the closed crêpe.  This was sweetness personified, but my gosh it was amazing.
Again, it was packed with flavour and they didn't scrimp on the filling - this pancake was stuffed (much like my belly).

I can't begin to recommend this little restaurant enough, it has a beautiful decor inside and is reminiscent of the cafes you would find in France, with it's small barn conversion and mis-matched wall art.  All the staff are friendly and bubbly, and service is super fast.  It's also not too bad on the pocket, the most expensive savoury gallête would set you back £6.  We estimated that you could easily do a 2 course meal here with a side and drinks for around £15 each.
The place is just so picturesque and the food is beyond amazing... it's worth the trip if you're near the Midlands.  I would recommend it to anyone, in fact I'm planning on bringing both my partner and my family here.  I think my much younger brother in particular would love it, the idea of having pancakes for tea? SOLD.

Thank you for such an amazing dinner!
Check the Pear Tree Crêperie out on Facebook or online!

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