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Oh, hello, where have you been? 
Yes, yes, I know... sorry.... I'm not going to give you all the spiel about life/work balance, you all know from my twitter or instagram posts that I've been buried in the books.  Still, only two more assignments to submit and then I'm there!
Because my weekends have been heavily dominated by the business study books, it's been hard to feel glam when I've been slobbing in some jeans and a t-shirt, so I haven't been anywhere particularly special or had opportunity to get dolled up (let alone shop!).
However, last weekend was Father's Day in the UK and I'd been invited out with the famalam to hit the local posh carvery and get our nosh on.  I decided I was going to take the opportunity to wear a dress that I recently purchased from Simply Be and take the time to pamper myself beforehand.

Being quite tall I often find it hard to find a dress that's the right length, I either end up with ankle biters when on the look out for maxi's or endanger flashing my knickers when trying on shorter party dresses.  This dress though is the perfect length for me, it sits on my knee and is perfect for family events or work.
I was concerned my top half wouldn't fit in the dress and I'd end up having an awkward fit, but they did and the quality of fabric meant it didn't give a stretched look.
For my lunch I teamed it with some simple nude flats and some bangles, keeping it a simple look as I didn't want to look too dressy.  If I were to wear this for a wedding then I'd slap some bold coloured heels on, a simple clutch and more jewellery.
It's versatile for work too! I wore this with a suit jacket, darker tights and some heels and got lots of compliments from my colleagues!

I love spending time with my family, since moving out I've realised just how much I miss having them around - but trust me, I have no intention of moving back in - so it's nice to be able to spend some time with them... especially when I can eat a mahoosive roast dinner.

Happy Father's Day Papa!

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