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Out Of My Comfort Zone

Carrying on the theme of cosmic prints, I recently acquired this galaxy print maxi from the range at Simply Be.  
Now, this dress is by no means something I would have picked up normally - in fact, I may have walked straight past it in the store commenting on the print - but it ended up in my wardrobe... where it stayed for a good week.  The dress is beautifully made, the cut is beautiful, but I didn't have the cahunas to stick it on and wear it outside of my house.  You see, the print is very bold and the colours are extremely vivid, I was worried I was going to look like a beacon or an extra large traffic cone walking around Tesco.  It's completely out of my comfort zone, beautiful to look at but not something that immediately went on my body once in my possession (unlike many of my other Simply Be purchases).
Sunday, for some reason, I decided was the day to wear it.  Maybe because it was a beautiful day, maybe because I hadn't planned any public outings or maybe because I had seen other plus size beauties touting the outfit on the twittosphere.  It went on.  It felt amazing.

I have a rather large chest area, so I was impressed when this skimmed them beautifully and didn't make them look like sausages squashed in the packet.  The neckline was also low enough to not make them look like they were low hung, as often high necklines do with us larger boobed ladies.
The cut of the dress was ridiculously flattering and sat on my hips nicely without exaggerating my ample curves.  I also loved that although the dress wasn't quite long enough as a maxi dress on me, it didn't look silly because of the cut at the front.
I teamed this with my swallow waist belt from the same brand, alongside some simple jewellery and my Joanna Hope sandals (which I'm adoring right now).  And, of course, the crimson satchel came along for the ride!

I realise this dress is some serious marmite, some are going to love it whilst others will hate it with a passion - that's cool, I don't expect you to like everything I wear! It's all about your own fashion choices, right?
But what I will say is what I loved most about this dress what the fact that it pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me step away from the 'safe choices' sitting so invitingly in my wardrobe.  I'm never going to be the girl who clashes print and has a kitsch look, I like to have a simple and girly style, but I never want to be the girl who lives in black again... I'm far too much to hide away again.

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