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Product Review: Lush Face Masks

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm starting to take more care of my body - and that includes the type of products I'm using on my hair, skin and nails.  A couple of weeks back I bought my first product from Lush, I decided to treat my skin to some pampering and indulged in some facial products.

Lush is freshly handmade and is made from natural ingredients to create a balanced product.  After speaking with the kind sales woman at my local store and filling her in on my skin history, she recommended the Oatfix fresh face mask which would cleanse and moisturise my sensitive skin and cool the redness.
I suffer with extremely sensitive skin, having grown up with eczema, so it doesn't take a lot to flare it up.  I'm constantly battling with red cheeks and what looks similar to acne (thank god for good make up!). But the sales woman assured me there was nothing in this was acidic or would aggravate my skin... so, I whipped out my purse and gave it a crack.

I applied a generous layer to clean skin and left it on my face for 25 minutes, taking the opportunity to hit the bath rather than sit in my living room and have my partner laugh at what looks like a leper's face.
The smell of the face mask is heavenly, it has a smell of oats and vanilla that wafts around the bathroom but isn't too over powering.
The packaging says that the product is so natural that you could eat it, so in the interest of journalism...

I really shouldn't have.  It does not taste delicious.
After a quick soak in the bath and a couple of chapters read, I washed the mask of with luke-warm water and left my face natural for half an hour.
I have to say, I'm super impressed with this face mask - it didn't produce miracles (though I wasn't expecting it to) but on it's first go it certainly reduced my overall redness and my skin feels extremely soft.  There's also the bonus that I smell like vanilla...

The face mask cost £5.95, but I only used around a quarter of the pot for a generous layer so it works out quite cost effective in the long run.  There's also the chain's incentive where you can get a free pot in return for 5 empty ones! Bonus!
I love how each product at Lush tells you how and who made it for you, it's such a great marketing gimmick and makes it feel like a luxury product.  
This may be a little more than what you would pay for a face mask, but it's worth it - the look, the feel and the smell is amazing.  Added to that, the guys at the stores really know their stuff, I literally walked in with a list of symptoms and what I wanted the end result to be and they chose my products, taking the time to talk to me about how it would react with my skin - it was like having a personal beautician on hand.

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