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Jabba The Hut

Sometimes, I lose my mojo.  Massively.
This happened this weekend, where I felt absoloutley rubbish about myself.  No matter what I wore, no matter how I pampered myself, no matter what my partner said - Saturday I was fat and ugly, and no one could tell me otherwise.
I don't know what bought it on, but my old body demons came out and I felt like Jabba the Hut.  So, after moping around a bit, eating an entire pizza and spending £80 online (yes, I comfort eat and shop - make me a stereotype all you like, I don't care) I decided to get my overly large backside out of bed and do something to make myself feel better.
I had a Barney Stinson moment...

The shower went on, the radio was cranked up to play some classic R'n'B and I poured myself a cranberry and vodka.  I was to going to be totally awesome, be beautiful and feel fabulous about myself.

Then I threw some clothes on - my fail safes, to make me feel comfortable but understated sexy.  My skinnie black jeans from Evans that make my legs feel a gazillion inches long, my chiffon vintage wrap that feels great against my skin and covers up my bingo wings, and my fabulous patent Topshop red heels.
I then popped on some fierce earrings and rope necklace, sparked up a cigarette and felt all vixen-like.

Amazing, in the space of 60 minutes, I'd gone from feeling like Jabba the Hut and pulling wotsits out of my unwashed hair, to this.  The power of good clothes and make-up, eh?
I just wanted to share this, as after talking to some people of twitter (and in life) I learnt that I'm not alone in this manic down days and often other women find it hard to pull themselves out of it.  Believe me, 12 months ago I wouldn't have been able to pull myself out of the feelings I had earlier that day without eating the contents of the freezer, zero-ing out my bank balance or seeking positive attention/compliments continuously.  Since blogging, I've become so much more confident about my body and my fashion choices.  If you feel sometimes you just want to show off your body, or outfit, and say hey, I feel and look great today  then do it! 

Send that text to someone you know will agree with you, that tweet to a group of people that will insist on more pictures or video to friends on how you did your make-up.  Do it.

Make yourself feel great.
It makes all the difference to you.

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