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Flash The Flesh

A couple of weeks ago, during the #psbloggerschat on twitter, a group of bloggers were discussing how they felt about showing different areas of their body.  It emerged that whilst some felt find about showing their legs, others were scared of flashing their arms, and visa versa.
We decided, in our normal bolshy blogger way, that it was time to set a challenge to Flash the Flesh. 
The idea behind this was that we would share a story or photo of us flashing an area that were not keen on normally flashing, therefore challenging our own perceptions of beauty and being bold.
Obviously we didn't people walking around flashing their va-jay-jay's or ta-ta's to the public... although you may get a few drinks out it, we need to stay safe!

My flash of flesh isn't something recent, but something I am proud of.
Last year, I heard of a group of women who would walk around London city at midnight in their bras... for money.  No, not a marketing gimmick or flash mob for a cause, this was a charity event called Walk the Walk.  Essentially, women from all over the world would congregate in London and start a walking marathon at midnight whilst wearing the most decorative bras they could conjure.
Of course, being the fit and healthy woman that I was (!) it was obvious that I needed to sign up. So I did.

After 8 months of the most intensive walking training I have ever done, 2 toenails lost, £100 raised and numerous pictures of my ta-ta's in their decorated bra hitting facebook for fundraising, I crossed the finish line at 4:23AM.
It was the most exhausting yet exhilarating experience of my life.

This is me, seriously flashing some flesh.
Ironically, I'm not bothered about getting my boobs out - they're that large that generally they're there for the world to see anyway.  My issue was my upper arms, I hate getting them out... they're flabby.
But, once I was in Moonwalk City, I was surrounded by women of all shapes and sizes getting their flesh out for the cause and I started to relax.  It still astounds me how women can make other women feel about themselves, I was empowered that day and I didn't care who looked at my flab - mainly because that's not what we were there for, but ultimately because nobody else gave a damn.

Unfortunately as this was my last year of my HND, I couldn't commit to a repeat performance this year due to having little time to train.  My friend, Amy, is walking it again this year and I'm super proud of her.
Good luck tonight Amz, you won't miss my mood strops at 4AM but I'll be congratulating you in the morning with a cuppa!

So that's me, flashing far too much flesh...

Big thanks to Becky who arranged and orchestrated this challenge.

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