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Cheap Ass Jewellery Hoe

Cheap Ass Jewellery Hoe
A phrase used to describe a woman who pays less than £10 for her jewellery, choosing to buy cheap imitations based on trend.

With fashion trends changing so quickly it's often hard to stay on top of things without blowing a huge hole in your purse.  I'm not one to follow trends, but I like to accessorise with elements of it if I like it a little - for example, I'm not keen on the camouflage trend but I've got some print nail wraps and khaki espadrilles.
I prefer to spend money on investment pieces if I see something I like, rather than buy larger amounts of clothes at cheaper prices because I want to stay on trend.  

What I do like to spend a little on, is cheap jewellery.  I mean, cheap.  I hit eBay.
We all know you can get cheap and poor quality jewellery off eBay from Eastern sellers, some of the shocking pendants I've had are beyond shoddy, but the key is to finding a seller that sells decent quality at a low price.  For me, seeing the whole item in the picture as well as on a model is handy, as it shows you the quality of the chain and colours.
My newest buys are Aztec inspired...

And how much did these cost me? Well, that would be £3.87, including post and packaging.
I know what you're thinking... ok Kim, but when they come they'll be cheap and nasty.

 Weird constipated/surprised face...

For the £1.29 that I paid for this necklace, the quality is incredible.  Don't get me wrong, Tiffany and Co have nothing to worry about just yet, but what a bargain!  It's similar to items currently on the high street but at a further fraction of the price, if you're happy to wait the 2 weeks it takes to get to you from the corners of the globe then this is definitely the route to go down to keep your wallet happy.
And it saves those pennies for that dress you wanted, right?

Check out my favourite eBay seller for some great bargains this summer - Li Lang Jewellery.

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