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Amazing Aztec

One of the trends I'm loving at the moment is the Aztec print, I love how bold it is and yet is so wearable by anyone regardless of their size and shape.  I've picked up a few Aztec inspired pieces (including my necklace from this post) but my favourite so far has to be this Asos Curve dress I bought off Hanna on her blog sale.

I know this dress had been popular on the blogosphere a while back, so it's not a new find, but I just love the monochrome feel of this dress.  It's so easy to wear too - and, for once, a perfect length on my 5'11 stature.  For this outfit, I was heading to the cinema and something to eat with the other half, so I went for comfort and practicality.  I'd originally intended to wear it with tights, but with gale force winds outside on the night I didn't want to take the chance of flashing my hoo-hah to the passerbys of Birmingham...
My trusty leggings worked with the dress though (and insured coverage) and I teamed it with Evans black jacket (last season) and my new bird waistline belt from Simply Be.

I love blogger sales - you can pick up some right beauties, and the amazing benefit of seeing how it actually looks on a plus size body gives you an assurance that you won't look like a mutton chop when it arrives.

Big thanks to Hanna for the sale!

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