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Apologies for the lack of posts lately guys, I've been moving home and have no internet access until the end of the month (oh no!).  Still, I have a couple of posts planned so hope to be back to normal blogging routine soon.
Roll on the end of the month...

There was a small peak of sunshine at the start of the week, so I took the opportunity to crack out a dress from wardrobe.  I've had this little number in my wardrobe for a while, the piece is from Simply Be for a while now and it's always been a winner when I want to wear a dress to work with a splash of colour.
The material is like a chiffon style and is inevitably see-through, but I teamed it with a pair of leggings and cami top.  There is a dress that goes with it, but I wanted to wear it more kaftan style than a formal dress.

It's such a simple, easy dress and the cut of the dress makes it perfect to wear at work.  I can see myself wearing it off the shoulder with a floppy sun hat and some aviators in the summer... when the summer finally comes!
I know there's a lot of argument around the pricing of Simply Be's clothes, but they last a life time.  You truly are paying for quality with the brand rather than a cheap fix, and I think for trends that recycle themselves (such as boho) dependant on season then it's good to make an investment which will ultimately save you money in the long run.

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