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Summer Loving Secret Sender Scheme!

With the weather throwing gale winds and snow at us at the moment throughout the country, its safe to say that everyone's feeling a little bleak at the moment.  With London Plus Size Fashion Week behind us and Plus North and London not happening until the latter part of this year, we're all lacking a little something to bring us out of our weather glum and are desperately craving a ray of sunshine.
After a conversation with some lovely people on Twitter, it emerged that the idea of an anonymous blogger gift swap would be an exciting thing to organise for us all to do! It's fun, it doesn't involve loads of time or travel and its creates more interaction within the communities!
With this in mind, I've created a one off gift swap scheme for the Summer called the Summer Loving Secret Sender! 

The idea of the Summer Loving scheme is this - you get allocated a person to buy for, you obtain a gift and then you send it to that person on 3rd May.  You then receive your gift in the post from your secret sender, open your gift and feel the happiness spread throughout your day!
The budget is £5 for each package and names will drawn anonymously via a third part site.  You can get as creative as you want with your £5 - make it, buy it, bake it, sew it, wherever your creative minds take you! 

Sound like your cup of tea? Fancy sending and receiving some postal summer love?
Then join the scheme! 
To join the scheme follow this link to be taken to Elfster where you will be asked to sign up to gain access to the group.  I've turned off all spam and notifications so you won't get a flooded email inbox!
From there, the site operates similarly to Facebook where you will be added to a group where you can add thoughts, ideas, photos, ask for advice, etc.  You can add snippets of info about yourself to help your secret sender, as well as anonymously ask your recipient questions.
It's important to know that you will be required to input your address, however only your secret sender will see this.  

  1. Only enter the scheme if you are really serious about sending something - we don't want to see any sad people on Summer Loving Day when they have taken the to send something but get nothing in return themselves :(
  2. The budget is strictly £5 - we don't want overspenders!
  3. Don't tell your secret sendee who you are - that spoils the fun!
  4. Have fun.  This is, in no way, meant to cause any worry or anxiety.  

The sign up deadline is 1st April, as the site draws the names anonymously I have no control over late comers to add - so sign up before or you may miss out!
Please email me or tweet me if you want to talk about this more - I'm happy to answer questions!

I'm so excited about this... I hope you guys are too :)

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