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Review: Barretts Big Shoe Boutique

A while ago I was asked by the lovely Kiran over at Barratts if I would like to review a pair of shoes from the brand, being a larger footed gal (size 9) I asked if I could choose a pair from their Big Shoe Boutique to which he happily obliged.
So I chose these beautiful biker-esque style ankle boots, RRP £15, as I ankle boots are a nightmare to get at an affordable price if you're over a certain foot size in the UK.  With it retailing at such a low price, I was curious to see whether there would be a compromise in quality in the materials or fit to justify it.

Biker Boots C/O Barratts

Thankfully, the boots were just beautiful.  I mean, seriously, beautiful!
The material is such a good leather, soft but sturdy and a great colouring.  The inside of the shoe is cushioned and generous in width, so it gives you a real sturdy fit.  I'm a heavy stepper and generally shy away from heels these days as I tend to obliterate my foot or the shoe itself, but these were cushioned so well that they felt comfortable throughout the day (and yes, I wore them all day).
The boots also have a very intricate lace detailing at the back, the photos here really don't do it any justice!

My only complaint about the boot is how I got into it.  As you can see, it is a slip on boot so I had to slide my overly large foot into quite a small hole - I managed to get it on with some wiggling and thrusting, but I would recommend some kind of side zip for further development for Barratts.  But as the quality of the boot is so high, I would sacrifice those extra 90 seconds of my life to get them on!
I can't rave about these boots enough, the quality is second to none and I really love how Barratts haven't compromised on quality to offer reasonable prices for footwear.  The photo's I've taken here really do not do the boots justice, so much so I've deleted quite a few of them, and I had so many compliments over them throughout the day.

Here's a selection of my favourites on the current line from Big Shoe Boutique:

So, if you're like me and are totally fed up of paying in excess of £40 for a pair of good heels or boots, then head on over to the Big Shoe Boutique.  You won't be disappointed!

Big thank you to Barratts for kindly letting me review their product!

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