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Who's That Girl?!

If you've popped over to the Evans site lately you made have noticed some familiar faces...


Yes, it's the gorgeous Callie, Beth and Georgina!  A few of the bloggers recently went to have a sneak peak at the new S/S ranges at Evans HQ, where they were invited into a photo shoot to promote the new range Scarlett and Jo. What a refreshing change from the models Evans normally use! I think these ladies look absolutely gorgeous, don't you?
The Scarlett and Jo range has gone live on the Evans website, with a bulk of their collection available to buy now.  Certain items haven't been published for purchase yet (they do this with Clements Ribeiro too) but will soon be ready for you to spend your hard earnt pennies on!

collectionWhy not take a gander over to the site to browse these pieces now?  I LOVE the panel dresses and embellished shoulder t-shirt.
While you're there you can also catch up on the blogger event (and all things Evans news) on their blog Fashion Fix.

Much love!


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