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When You Wish Upon A Pot

Asking for things for your birthday and Christmas is awkward, isn't it?
The question from dear Aunty Maud of 'what do you want for your birthday?' is daunting when in the back of your mind you imagine poor old Aunt Maud sitting in her living room shivering because she can't afford the hike in gas prices to turn her heating on, she's spent the gas money on that pair of shoes you had to have.  As you reel back from this premonition, you return to the moment and just say 'Oh, nothing really, just a card please' and you end up getting a pair of knitted socks and a voucher for Bon Marche.
Fantastic, cheers Maud.
This year, why not invest some time on Wishpot...

I discovered this beauty of a website a month before my birthday.  It's essentially a online wishlist or registry where you can store your wanted items and put them on display so others can buy them for you.  The website ranks things in 'most wanted' order, price order, added order, etc, so that your gift buyer can choose what to get you based on their budgets without the awkward conversation.
Genius, right?
I got half of my wanted list from others who struggled with gift ideas for me, which made it easier for them and me extremely happy!
And when the occasion passes, I use it as a storage place for items I want to buy myself - based on my own budget that payday.
Do it!  Create one!  It will ensure happiness, fact.

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