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Pick Up Your Confidence, Pack Out Your Calendar!

6 months ago I would never have had the confidence to attend any kind of fashion show whatsoever.  Despite often trawling through magazines and website for ages for the latest prints, cuts and accessories I have never felt comfortable physically going to a fashion show.  My own insecurities about my size and wardrobe made me feel unworthy, the overwhelming feeling of being mocked or laughed at by fashionistas meant I stayed away from events (like The Clothes Show).
Since then, however, I have this community online of fierce women who give a 'I don't give a crap what you think, I'm going to wear these jeans' attitude.  Fabulous.
Women like this empower me not to be afraid, fuck the people who raise an eyebrow.  I hope they do. At least then I've made an impact, who wants to skulk in the shadows of frumpy skirts and baggy cardigans?
If you feel like I did 6 months ago, I thoroughly recommend an intense course of therapy of online shopping, online blog reading and some plus size events.  Trust me - you'll feel better for it!

Below are some of my favourite plus size events happening this year:

British Plus Size Fashion Week

British Plus Size Fashion Week has been mentioned on this blog before, as well as countless other plus size blogger's too.  The event has got a lot of buzz around it at the moment, all you have to do is hit #BPSFW into twitter and you'll see the amount of people getting super excited over it.
The weekend has a variety of activities and events in it's schedule, including a plus size clothes swap, key topic discussions and (of course) a fashion show at the end.  There's also going to be plus size shopping area at Shoreditch Town Hall if you wanted to grab anything that caught your eye.
The shopping area is also free for those who can't get tickets, for whatever reason, so you can still pop on down on your Saturday shopping trip!

Tickets start from £7, with weekend inclusive passes being £45.

a76553b2bf613f9930eb4b4ee2ea6a51Plus NorthThe fabulous Becky and Toni are back again this year and hosting their second plus size fashion event in the North.  If you like a good chin wag with like minded chubsters, often drool over the latest pickings on the plus size high street or just fancy a smashing day out then this is the one for you.
The event was attended by 150 people last year so has proved super popular. Everyone is welcome at Plus North, blogger or no. With ticket's starting as cheap as a fiver for the event, on the 7th September, it's affordable fashion fun!
If you're up for a bit of a party, the team are also offering an after party event this year, including drinks and karaoke... Best get those vocals in order!! A cat, strangled? How very dare you.

Tickets start from £5 for the day event, with all inclusive day being £13

Plus London 
pluslondon12_250pxPlus London has confirmed it will be coming back for it's third round this year. The event is due to take place on the 2nd November, with all other details being kept quiet at the moment.
Keep an eye on twitter for forthcoming information and announcements!

Curves Fashion Week: Bahamian Cruise

5893795_origWhat's better than drinks, fashion gossip and buying new shoes? Doing it whilst on a luxury cruise ship, obviously!
These powerhouse peeps from Atlanta have decided that the curvacious ladies of the plus size world need a holiday, so they're chartered a cruise ship and created a packed out 5 day itinerary of fashion and partying hard.
At around $800 a pop for a single room, it's rather expensive - but hey, you may be feeling flush.  If you are, take me.

So, who's up for Haven then?

CURVES Fashion Week Cruise -

What are you waiting for? Strap on those red shoes of confidence, book some tickets and join us for a party!


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