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Kardashian Killer Kurves!

I was having a little browse online on Dorothy Perkins, lusting at the new Kardashian collection when it suddenly struck me I was too fat to even get one boob in a dress - let alone my whole body!
So after the 30 minutes of depression and self loathing, I thought fuck it - I'll find a knock off on eBay in a bigger size.  If these Kardashian cows didn't want me to wear their clothes then I'm going to plunder my money into the counterfeit market and have something that looks exactly the same and half the price.  So there. Suck it Kardashians.

However.... I had my tantrum a little too early.

After a bit of research, I found that the Kardashians do indeed have a plus size range at Sears. And it's rather gorgeous.
The collection is called Kardashian Kurves and is aimed at the younger plus sized market, with chic dresses and luxurious fabrics.  The range is limited to only 12 pieces at the moment, and obviously only based in the US, but according to Kardashian HQ there are plans to introduce this to the UK market (pending the success of the straight range at Dorothy Perkins).
Below are my 3 favourites from their current collection.

Averaging at £30 a piece, the collection is quite affordable, however if you're going to buy remember the trans-atlantic postal charge at £8 which will bump up the overall price.
Still, I recommend a good lusting session at Sears!


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