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Primark Nail Review

IMG-20121202-00950I picked up these low budget nails from a trip to Primark this week, I'd bitten my nails to the bone again so I needed to get some falsies on to avoid the stares to my gnarly fingers!
I picked up a little pack of black and white polka dot nails for the bargain price of £1. I was concerned that for only £1 the product quality would be compromised, mainly the glue but this wasn't the case.  The nails are an average length, perfect for someone like me who's not used to nails but for anyone wanting more length then this wouldn't be the product for you.
The nails are also a little sharp of the edges, so I had to file it down to make them less like claws!
I'm putting them to the bed test tonight to see if they stay on, but £1 it's not a bad quick fix right?

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