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A New Year

According to The Telegraph, 95% of Brits make a New Years Resolution every year.  Amongst the most popular are vows to lose weight, stop biting your nails, giving up smoking and living life more.  But how many people actually keep to these vows?
If you're anything like me, you make a resolution every year and last about a week.  Vows to stop smoking went up in flames last year after I started to lose my rag with colleagues at work, at which point one of them handed me a packet of Lambert and Butler and ordered me on a break.  The year before that was a vow to lose weight, I dropped three dress sizes and then went back up one in the last 6 months of the year - still counts, right?
I think the key thing with resolutions where people go wrong is that they are far too big and the challenge becomes daunting, so we give in with thoughts of inevitable failure anyway.
So, this year, I will not be making a large New Year's resolution.  In fact, I'm not even going to call it a resolution.  I'm setting myself 6 small goals to achieve before December 31st 2013.

NY Resolutions

1.  Visit India - I've always had wanderlust.  Give me a passport, suitcase and a wod of cash and I'd be a content gal.  This year, I want to take some time out and travel around India for a couple of weeks.  I've always wanted to go to India but felt daunted by the prospect of travelling alone, so when my friend volunteered to adventure with me I had to take the opportunity.  Saving is in progress, tickets are provisionally booked!
2. Buy More Shoes - I have SO many shoes that I just don't wear, mainly because they are too high and I can't wobble around in them. This year, I want to increase my flat shoes and mini heel/wedge collection.  My shoe size will never change now, so I consider this an investment.  And that's how I'm justifying it...
3. Graduate - I'm currently studying for a HND in Business Managment which is due to finish in June 2013.  With fees so ridiculously expensive for higher education in this current market I can't afford to re-sit any modules, so graduating the HND this year with full module passes would be brilliant.  The goal is to get enough credits to progress onto my BA (degree) top up, but that's a bonus!
4. Make a Difference - I'm not talking raising £5000 for charity or discovering a cure for cancer here, but taking a little bit of time to make someone's life a little easier or to be a help of some kind.  I'm very blessed to have a roof over my head and food in my cupboards, whereas there are a lot of people who do not.  I need to give back, in some way.  If everyone took 5 minutes in their week to help someone then a huge difference would be made - but the buck will (and always will) start with me first.
5. MOVE OUT! - Since coming home from my own flat 2 years ago I've been stuck at home (blame break ups and the recession).  I love my family, I do, but I want my own space again.  My partner and I have been saving and we plan to move out into a home as soon as we find somewhere we like.
6. Get inked - I've always found tattoos to be graceful and poignant (if done properly).  I already have 2 tatts on my body, 'Carpe Diem' on my left wrist for my Pa (who has passed) and a trinity on my right inside ankle to symbolise a friendship with a close friend.  I'm scouring for a quotation or symbol for my next ink visit :)
So that's it, my
resolutions goals for 2013 shared with you, because you are all important to me and I love your feedback/encouragement.

Happy New Year!


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