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Simply Keeping Cool | FASHION

Summer days are here finally, after many months of dreary weather and drizzly rain we are treated to some delicious sunshine.  These photos were taken during Leah's wedding celebrations and the weather was marvellous for their day, we picnicked in a school hall's garden and enjoyed a mini wedding festival with her loved ones.  It was such an idyllic and picturesque part of the world that I took the opportunity of friends with good photography skills and amazing location to shoot my outfit of the day. 
When it comes to the hot weather I love it if I have nothing to do and I'm lying by a pool, not so much if I have to be an adult and function as a human being.  Whilst I don't drip sweat much these days I do get hot, flustered and highly irritable so it's one of my top priorities to stay as cool as possible whilst the temperature is volcanic.  The way I do this primarily is wearing airy clothes that let my skin breath, I have a post coming soon on example outfits to keep cool in coming soon so stay tuned for that!

As the occasion called for something a little more formal than shorts and t-shirt, I opted for this Grazia dress from Simply Be which I'd had my eye on for a while.  You may recognise the fabric from my vlogs as I also have a maxi shirt in this from the same range, I just love the mix of geometric shapes with the floral notes.  As I had to size up a couple of times for the shirt on my bust I thought best to do the same for this dress and I'm glad I did - two sizes up and it fit like a dream.  
Now, there is copious amounts of room in the skirt so I do think if you're not that large chested you can get away with wearing a size nearer what you normally order.  I cinched mine in my a belt because it needed a little definition on the waist.

I then teamed this with some tan sandals (again from Simply Be, similar here) and my Cambridge Satchel to complete the look, throw on some sunnies and a coral lip and I was good to go.  Simply, chic, incredibly well ventilated!

 The dress is still available in a few sizes on line and I whole heartedly recommend it if you have an event coming up this Summer, like a wedding or christening - it's perfect and I got so many compliments on the day.  Maxi's are my go to for big events in the Summer, they are easy to wear and  style up or down dependant on the occasion.

What's your Summer go to to keep cool?


Call To Action | YOUTUBE

This is a call to action.  
For a while now I've wanted a dog, specifically a little Yorkie boy puppy that I can call Fred and dress in bow ties, but James has been very reluctant to give in and let that happen.  I can see his logic, we live in a flat and he's concerned about the rental implications but being the whimsical person I am I'd rather get the pup then work out everything else around it.  That's how my life rolls, say yes now and think about the practicalities later... it's more fun that way.
Anyway, fast forward to present day and James has made me a deal.  If I can get this vlog to 25 likes and 1000 views then I can get a puppy.  A puppy.  A bloody PUPPY!

So I'm asking you for your help in this, if you have the time and you generally enjoy watching my weekly vlogs then please can you give me a huge big thumbs up!  Click here to be taken to my YouTube channel page or hit that embedded video below!

Thank you and enjoy!


Weekly Vlog (21) Spa and Starbucks| YOUTUBE

Last weekend I got up incredibly early (much to my annoyance) to head off to a luxurious country manor to get pampered on a hen weekend for my friend Louise, we swam, we ate, we laughed - it was a marvellous afternoon full of love and giggles.  I captured some of it on this week's vlog, which went live yesterday, so do hit play on that button below or click here to be taken to my YouTube channel!



Shades Of Me, John Frieda | LIFESTYLE

I've never been one to mess with my hair in terms on style, unlike make up and clothes I just don't have the patience for it.  Don't get me wrong, if someone wants to plonk me in a chair and mess around with my hair to create a big bouncy look then I all for it - it's the process of doing it myself that I just don't do well with.  I'm more more suited to a good product with a quick blow dry and texturise sprays - simple, quick and no fuss.  
When it comes to colour on the other hand, this changes - my hairdresser often jokes that she knows what colours I'm going for before I come in and has a shade in mind before I sit down (and have to say, Faye is pretty spot on with her choices!).  So when I stumbled upon John Frieda's shades of me app which matches what colours would suit you based on a few social media photos I was all up for that ease!  

The instagram app is a digital experience that creates a bespoke video based on your own hair colour and the prominent colours with your profile, therefore allowing you to learn what your hair tones and colours of your social feeds say about you.  I personally an a alluring brunette with lots of red, which I knew, but also found that pink seems to be a colour I should opt for again with my tones!  
If nothing else, this is super fun and great to spice up your instagram feed, but the brand are genuinely amongst one of my favourite hair care brands - it smells great, does what it says on the tin and it's reasonably priced for a higher end shampoo in the supermarket.  I'm currently working my ay through their volume range and am absolutely loving the conditioner and blow dry texture spray.  

Make sure you hope over to John Frieda to give this a go yourself!

Now, I'm off to find the pink hair dye...



Beyonce Formation Tour, Weekly Vlog | YOUTUBE

When Beyonce announced her stadium tour, I was there on 9th February at the crack of dawn waiting to buy my resale tickets.  She is, hands down, the best artist I have ever seen in concert and whilst some may say she is expensive to see to me she is worth every single penny.  So, £70 poorer and with a huge enthusiasm I headed off to Wembley with the best friend to enter the Bee Hive.
The weekend generally consisted of bopping along to fantastic music, getting stuck in car parks and then heading out for something delicious in Solihull.  Who goes food shopping when you can just go out to eat where other people wash up for you! Ha!
As this was a weekend of course I was vlogging so I took you guys along with me, hit play on that video below head on over to my channel to watch the marvel that is the Formation World Tour!

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