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Merry Vlogmas! | YOUTUBE

It's that time of the year again, I've dusted off the camera, decked the halls and scheduled 25 days of festive content over on my YouTube channel. Yes, it's Vlogmas, and (for those who are new to the premise) you will see my mug in your subscription box every single day on the lead up to Christmas day!  How exciting!

I've embedded the last three days below but I will living out in the YouTube space for the rest of the year, so if you'd like to see more then I suggest you hit this link and come to join the party!


Baby, It's Cold Outside | FASHION

The colder temperatures and Autumnal mornings are hitting me right in the feels at the moment, I'm loving being outside with a hot drink to go (hello Cafe Nero clementine hot chocolate, you gorgeous thing) and have layers galore on.  Recently I went to Poland for my hen holiday with some of my lovely friends and decided to take along this gorgeous coat that Very sent to me for review to keep warm, and I fell in love...

Somewhere in between the falling amber leaves and molten hot chocolates, I wandered around this park in Krakow dressed up to the nines in my faux fir-trim camel coat feeling like a Eastern European hipster.  I love this coat, I can't begin to tell you how much I adore it and how it's a perfect investment piece for your wardrobe.  The fit is generous and has ample arm room, you can either tie it with the belt or click together the buttons on the inside of the jacket.  The trim is removable so if you want a more casual look then you have a completely different style of coat.

I had so many compliments on this coat and you can see why, it's an absolute gem.  
It's currently on sale for £64 down from £80, but I would quite honestly pay more for it.  The material is divine, it's fully lined and it washes like a dream too!  Gotta love a coat that washes well!

Go grab one before they disappear!


October Homeware Haul | YOUTUBE | LIFESTYLE

Homeware is my thing, as my more mature years are approaching I find I'm swapping the latest trend or accessory for a fluffy pillow and my body weight in candles.  At this very moment in time I have a solid fifteen candles in the house, nice, pricey candles (which my other half, of course, adores just as much as I do.  Or at least that's how it plays out in my head when he shakes his head and walks away from yet another Homesense shopping bag I've brought home).  
But what I love even more than shopping for homeware is showing them off in a fancy homeware haul video over on my channel, so if you like stuff for your house that you probably didn't need but your heart yearns for then hit that play button the embedded video below or click here to fill your boots.


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