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Auctions After Dark | FASHION | LIFESTYLE

I have a confession, I'm an auction-o-holic.  I can't resist bargains and grabbing something at a fraction of what it retails for on the high street gives me the buzz, I've bought some amazing things online in my time (as well as equally rubbish items!) and will often stalk the online auctions of the likes of eBay and BPI Marketplace!
I find the best time to peruse the auctions are late at night, when most people have tuned out and turned off for the night, so I can nip in within the last ten seconds to place my bid.  Here are some Autumn/Fall items I've purchased recently which are must haves for your home at a snip of the price!

What have you been buying this month?

Autumnal Bardot | FASHION

I am that cliche blogger that loves everything Autumnal, crunchy leaves and seasonal changes in the environment make me giddy and I practically wet myself at the proposal of a coffee date where I can get my pumpkin spiced latte (disclaimer: I've already had three this week).  It's also the time of year my wardrobe becomes more exciting to me, warmer weather is not my friend and I often find myself irritated by being too hot - didn't quite think that one through when I picked Florida as my wedding destination, eh?

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Curve Fashion Festival and picked up a few items for my capsule wardrobe for the A/W fashion cycle, making a conscious effort to pick clothes I enjoyed rather than keeping on trend as such.  Now, I'll always enjoy the catwalks and keeping up with my super trendy follow bloggers on Instagram, but there comes a point where you can't keep up financially and ultimately those on trend pieces gather dust in the wardrobe after you've done your blog photos.  So when I hit the Lovedrobe/Topsy Curvy stand to catch up with the wonderful ladies there, I checked out what they had in their ever affordable lines and came away with two bardot tops. 

This one is the 3D embroidered floral bardot top and is a massive bargain at just £9 in the sale.  I teamed it with a pair of my favourite skinny jeans and this last season Elvi biker jacket, popped on some boots and painted on a deep berry lip. The sleeves on the bardot top have this fantastic tie detailing and the top is a generous fit, it's slighty too big on the top but if you have a larger chest then this works in your favour.

I think this top will work really nicely with the jackets and layers I have in the wardrobe, it's a really versatile piece and I've had so many compliments on it.  It washes a dream as well, having worn this bad boy a fair few times I can honestly say the quality of fabric for the price point is superb.  Not bad for £9!


Holiday Snaps - Dublin | TRAVEL

Dublin is one of those places that has history, culture and great food at every turn.  This was our second trip to the Irish capital and we came away still wanting more.  In a new feature on this blog, please enjoy our holiday snaps from our trip!

Still want more?  Check out the travel vlog!

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