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Plus Size Summer Fashion Haul | FASHION | YOUTUBE

I've been spending my pennies again and, as I love to do, filmed a haul to share what I bought with you guys!  Hit the link below or press play to hop over to YouTube Tuesday!


Byron Burger Review | FOOD

With so much choice on the Birmingham high street for food and drink at the moment it's hard to pick out something that's quick and easy to fill a hole when you're ravenous.  Recently we stopped by one of the major chains for a bite to eat and I thought it would be great to do a review on the 'regular joes' as well as the independents I've reviewed previously to compare.
We met up with the delightful Emma and her husband for lunch in the city centre for a good natter and catch up, living so far apart has it's downfalls when one of your best friend's is 170 miles away so we had a lot to catch up on.  They chose Byron Burger as our eatery and, being the persistent blogger, I took the opportunity to review the popular lunch time choice.  

The main restaurant had a slight industrial Booklyn vibe to it, with exposed brick work and ducts, whilst also being clean and spacious.  There were no frills about the place, it was very much tables and kitchen with limited decor - the kind of place you'd stop off for a quick bite but not necessarily take someone out for a date.  I ordered a Cobb salad with a side of sweet potato fries, whilst James ordered the Classic Burger with regular fries. I loved the presentation of the salad, as they'd lined up all the ingredients side by side instead of tossing together (very Instagram friendly!) and my little pot of sweet potato fries were crisp and delicious.  
The salad was fresh and as salads go, pretty good, with it's crispy bacon and ripe avacado.  James was less impressed with his burger as it didn't really ignite the flavours in his palette, that being said he did order the basic burger so perhaps something a bit more adventurous on the menu would have been a better choice.
One thing I did rave about however, was the courgette fries. Oh my gosh.  I'd turned my nose up at them when Emma had ordered them but after popping one in my mouth and chowing down I was sold - crisp, light and a great alternative to potato fries.  

All in all, the lunch was tasty but nothing to write home about - it's a nice enough setting for a catch up and doesn't hit the pocket too much, but next time I'd venture a little further up the street for more choice.  
You can check out Byron Burger here, our meal cost around £25 (with drinks) and we were on site for around 90 minutes.


Live Unlimited in Summer | FASHION

I love a bit of sunshine but the heat kills me, I can't handle it when I'm too hot and I become quite the grump! So when the Summer hits the UK I like to make sure I keep nice and cool in my outfit to avoid any unwanted meltdowns whilst I'm out and about.  As a plus size girl it can be daunting to get your flesh out in public, but time has taught me that no one really cares all that much about your upper arm fat or whether you think you look silly in shorts so embracing the skimpier things in life is the way forward!
Lately I've been more inclined towards simpler clothing looks that are well cut and have a good shape whilst being practical for what I want to do that day.  On this day, I was exploring a local estate house with friends and enjoying the sunshine on the grass (with hopefully a callipo or two!), so I opted for a pair of distressed cropped jeans and a sheer top with a pair of sandals.

These jeans were a purchase from the Evans store in Dublin a couple of years ago and by far are my favourite cropped jeans, they're stretchy and fit tightly to my legs rather than sagging (which I struggle on some of the boyfriend fit jeans on the plus size market).  Luckily, Evans still sell these babies so if you're after a pair then I recommend you grab them here!
Being a taller girl can often mean I miss out of some of the trousers and jeans on the highstreet, simply because they are too short and there's no way I'd wear ankle grazers without it being a deliberate style choice.  However cropped jeans, I love.  They are perfect for the Summer and can be dressed up for a warm night out in the beer garden or down for a day out with the family.

Sheer tops are also a go to for me, I find them to be effortlessly chic and easy to wear without having a shed led of fabric clinging to your body.  This beauty is from Live Unlimited and it's been part of my wardrobe for the better part of two years now, the quality of the top has meant it's stood the test of time so whilst it is a little pricier than your budget high street shop (I'm looking at you Primark) it won't fall apart in the washing machine.  
I like this poppy kaftan in their current range at the moment!

Team those with a  pair of shades and an ice cream to get that perfect Summer look, no one wants to be sweltering in a cardigan to cover up their arms so let those babies go free and live your life.  Make this summer the one you embrace your body and care a little bit less about what others think about your body, it's yours to do with as you wish and wear what you wish.  As Eleanor Roosevelt once said 'No one can make you'll inferior without your consent'.  


How To Do Amsterdam In One Day | TRAVEL

Travel is food for the soul, it forces you to embrace other cultures, learn about and see things you'd never get sitting on the sofa in your home and develop your own self reliance.  Whenever I come back from a trip to another country I feel peaceful and full of inspiration, so I try to do it whenever I can afford to do so.  The practicalities of that mean that if you work a full time job you're limited to the amount of days annual leave you can take, you can be earning a good wage and afford to go on a holiday every week if you so wished but you're bound by your commitments at home.  For this reason, I love short trips and weekend breaks are the perfect way to get 24 hours in another country to fix that travel buzz.
Recently I booked a mini-cruise to Amsterdam to spend 24 hours in the Dutch capital, and I tried to cram as much in as possible to make it worthwhile.  I spent a bit of time researching on my favourite travel blogs and YouTube channels what was an absolute must to see and came up with an itinerary for our trip.  So, here's my perfect way to spend 24 hours in Amsterdam!

9AM - Breakfast
Start the day with a Dutch breakfast, pancakes are a speciality around here so make sure you grab some with your morning coffee.  There are cafes in Centraal that sell these, but I prefer to grab some from a food stall and eat on the move as it's cheaper and more time efficient! Snaffle these down whilst you head on over to a tram ticket kiosk and buy the 24 hour tram pass for €7.

10:30AM - The Anne Frank House Museum
Take a short walk through Dam Square to get to the Anne Frank Museum and enjoy the most popular museum in the country.  Known for diary writings, Anne Frank's story is one of sorrow and cultural importance, pay the €9 entrance fee and see where her Jewish family hid away from the Nazi's during the War before she was found.  It's a moving exhibition and not one to be missed, the experience should take you around 90 minutes to get around and 15 minutes to queue if you've pre-booked.  Make sure you pre-book your tickets, you can't rock up on the day and get in before 2PM and it's been known to have  long line daily.  Pick them up here.

12:30PM - Canals
Coming out of the museum you will notice you're right by a canal, so delve deeper into the streets and discover!  Amsterdam is packed with canals and it's safe to get lost in the back streets, the Dutch are a friendly population and willing to help you if you need direction... but my favourite part of travelling is getting lost.

2:30PM - Lunch
As you're in the area, it would be rude not to try out out some delicious Dutch food for lunch.  You can either pop over to the food halls in the Jordaan District or nip into one of the many cafes in the backstreets of the canals.  We opted for a cafe not far from the tram line (so we could slowly walk back with full tummies afterwards) and chose to have traditional Dutch lunch - bitterballen and kroketten.  Bitterballen are Dutch meatballs in a breadcrumbs, traditionally served with a dip and some pickles, whilst kroketten are a type of croquette with veal and potato served with breads and pickles.  Both were blinking delicious and washed down with a perfect coffee!  We sat in the cafe for a while and admired the interior, which looked someone's living room in the 1800's.

4:30PM - Riijksmuseum & IAmsterdam Sign
The Riijksmuseum boasts an impressive collection of Van Gough, Rembrandt and Vemeer and is one of the most visited museum in Western Europe.  If you're into your art and only have time to visit one place then I recommend paying the €17.50 entrance fee to get in, however if you're happy with some photos of the building for your Instagram then I suggest moving on.  The museum has one of the city's 'IAmsterdam' signs, which is part of the tourist board's marketing campaign, so make sure you get a shot of this before moving on.

6:30PM - Heineken Experience
One thing my partner wanted to do whilst we were in the city was visit the Heineken Experience, which is a short walk away from the museums.  For €16.50 you get two drinks and the interactive experience as your ticket, which is well worth the cash!  I wasn't overjoyed at the thought of this as I don't drink beer, but went along with it as a good sport, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and I learnt how to drink beer properly so now I don't mind the taste of it at all!  
The experience has lots of interactive activities to get involved with, including photo booths and green screen video to take away with you, finishing up with a drink in the subzero bar afterwards.  Don't miss this, it was fantastic!

8:30PM - Red Light District
Finally, it's not a trip to Amsterdam without checking out the Red Light District so hop on a tram to get across the city.  Photography and filming are strictly prohibited here, so put away your mobile phone and cameras unless you want one of the security chaps to start an argument with you.  We found it a really bizarre experience to see women advertising their services in the windows but it was certainly interesting, I recommend grabbing a drink and people watching.  

Finally, when time's up, grab a tram back to your ferry or train and flick through your photos on your phone before planning your next trip here with a longer amount of time.  There is so much to do in Amsterdam that you can't get bored, the above is literally a whistlestop of the highlights but there is so much we just didn't cover so another trip is on our cards!

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